We´re very happy that you´re interested in our yarns or/and other products. Since the website is in german, you might have some questions about shipping, taxes or other things.


First of all: If you´re unsure or want information about any product on our website (including custom colourways) and just can´t find the information you need, please feel free to contact me anytime. I´m always happy to help! :) You can find the contact info under "Kontakt" or just drop me a DM on Facebook (Kraken Yarns) or Instagram (@krakenyarns).


Our yarns are ALL mulesingfree, some qualities are manufactured in Germany, some in Italy, some in Austria.

I will translate the information about our different yarn qualities within the next days.


How high are the shipping costs? - Shipping costs are 6,99€ up to 0,5kg worldwide. The package is insured and trackable!


Will I have to pay import taxes/customs duties? - For this information I advise you to contact your local customs. I will do my best to label everything properly so you shouldn´t have any difficulties receiving your order. 


Do you do wholesale? -  Yes we do, we will gladly send out our portfolio to you :)