This colourful and versatile book contains patterns for 52 inspirational accessories — mostly knits but also a few crochet pieces — created by 48 international designers. It is the perfect companion for those who love knitting hats, shawls, socks and mittens, but it also includes other fun projects such as cowls, hoods, headbands and bags.


The designs in 52 Weeks of Accessories are suitable for a range of knitting abilities and needs, and feature an array of techniques including cables and colourwork as well as simpler stitches. Thanks to their small size, accessories are quick and economical to make. They offer an excellent way to try out new things and play with yarn!


52 Weeks of Accessories is the latest addition to Laine Publishing’s popular 52 Weeks book series, which already includes volumes focused on socks, shawls and easy knits.


The patterns are created by the following designers: Jenny Ansah, Paulina Castell Gutiérrez , Susan Chin, Elena Dimchevska, Nele Druyts, Anna Eklund, Jaana Etula, Belén Fernández, Lindsey Fowler, Lily Kate France, Soraya García, Izabela Grzybek, Émilie Hallet, Jonna Helin, Karen S. Henderson, Rastus Hsu, Tiina Huhtaniemi, Anna Husemann, Joona Höri, Nabita Jouret, Pauliina Kuunsola, Kaori Katsurada, Keiko Kikuno, Thien-Kieu Lam, Lisa Lang & Isabella Heinz, Sarah-Ann Larouche, Sarianna Lehtonen, Eli Leistad, Pauliina Leisti, Faïza Mebazaa, Maral Mokri, Heli Rajavaara, Marie Régnier, Marina Skua, Jeanette Sloan, Lis Smith, Elena Solier Jansà, Susanne Sommer, Florence Spurling, Jill Tamminen, Thea Vesterby, Maaike van Geijn, Anke von Ahrentschildt, Kajsa Vuorela, Julia Wilkens, Martha Wissing and Veera Välimäki.


272 pages


52 patterns for accessories (50 knitting patterns and 2 crochet patterns: 9 beanies, 2 headbands, 12 shawls and scarves, 3 cowls, 2 collars, 3 hoods, 1 balaclava, 6 mittens, 2 fingerless mitts, 6 socks, 1 pair of slippers, 3 bags, 1 scrunchie, 1 jewelry)

Patterns for hats, mittens and socks come in several sizes


Hardback, woven book cover 

Ribbon place marker

Dimensions: 215 x 276 x 29 mm

Printed in Latvia.





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We’ve made it easy!

52 Weeks of Easy Knits includes 52 uncomplicated knitting patterns, ranging from beanies, mittens and scarves to sweaters, socks and cardigans. The designs are fun, cosy and modern, but above all, they are a pleasure to knit.


In this clear and colourful knitting book, there are many super-easy, quick-to-finish patterns that are perfect for beginners. The more challenging ones offer meditative projects for those with a bit more experience. All the patterns are created using basic knitting techniques, and each step of the process is explained thoroughly. The book also includes useful information about choosing the right materials and finishing your garment.


52 Weeks of Easy Knits offers you knitting inspiration for years to come – the only difficult thing is deciding what to knit first!


264 pages

52 knitting patterns (15 sweaters, 3 cardigans, 4 vests, 13 shawls & scarves, 7 hats, 2 headbands, 2 balaclavas, 4 mittens & mitts, 2 socks)


Printed in Latvia




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Neons & Neutrals: A Knitwear Collection Curated by Aimée Gille of La Bien Aimée is a sequel to Aimée’s first book, the best-selling Worsted.


This collection, if possible, is even better and includes 16 patterns from 16 talented designers.


It is an eclectic collection of patterns that invites crafters to combine yarn in new and unexpected ways across brands and bases. The designs showcase modern knitting at its best, using a variety of techniques and unique and unexpected color combinations.


Most of the patterns are photographed in two different samples – worked in different colors and yarns, giving you ample inspiration for your own versions.


The collection celebrates solidarity and cooperation: to showcase the many talented people in the knitting community, Aimée has put together a collection of not only patterns from designers around the world, but yarns from a variety of producers and dyers. All of them work beautifully together and different sizes and price points have also been taken into account.


The book features designs by the following designers:

Inese Sang

Maaike van Geijn

Karen Cronje

Anna Husemann

Layla Yang

Caitlyn Turowski

Cecelia Campochiaro

Valerie Ng

Maysa Tomikawa

Florence Spurling

Lotta H Löthgren

Brandi Cheyenne Harper

Marie Régnier

Susan Chin

Brienne Moody

Julia Wilkens


200 pages

16 knitting patterns (4 sweaters, 4 cardigans, 4 shawls, 2 hats, 1 vest and 1 cowl)

Sweaters and cardigans are graded into various sizes, reaching from size 1 (30" / 75 cm bust circumference) to at least size 8 (or 60" / 152 cm bust circumference).



Print only, no digital download code available.

ISBN: 978-952-7468-50-0

Printed in Latvia.

Publication day 3 March, 2023.



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Issue 20, Spring 2024, includes:

10 knitting patterns (both charts and written instructions provided):

5 sweaters, 1 cardigan, 1 tee, 2 shawls and 1 pair of socks.



Rebecca Clow

Lily Kate France

Eliza Hinkes

Sausanna Kaartinen

Marzena Kolaczek

Marion Mursic

Joey Poh

Olga Putano

Qing Studio

Thea Vesterby


An interview with the Afro-Finnish knitwear designer Jenny Ansah who wants to bring a stronger sense of community to the world of handicrafts.

The results of our first-ever Laine Knitting Survey, with 4,433 responses from knitters from all over the world. Read what knitting looks like in the 2020s and how knitters hope to see it evolve!

Jeanette Sloan’s Fibre Talk: a regular article on Jeanette chatting with interesting people. In this issue, she meets Maria Zeb Benjamin from The Wool Library, a grassroots organisation that celebrates British wool.

Five Ways by our regular writer Päivi Kankaro, who explores how artificial intelligence might change knitting in the future.


Where I Knit: a regular piece that pictures people knitting in their favourite spot. In this issue, we meet Sascha Faxe, a Danish MP who likes to knit in Parliament meetings.
Seasonal recipes to inspire your spring cooking.

Book reviews.



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Laine No. 13 erscheint am 10. Dezember 2021 und ist ab heute bei uns in der PreOrder verfügbar.


Laine 13, Usnea, includes:

148 pages

  • 10 knitting patterns & 1 crochet pattern, beautifully photographed and illustrated
  • an interview with Danish knitwear designer Lærke Bagger
  • an article about June Cashmere
  • an article about ChiaoGoo
  • an article about the importance of crafting and creativity by our regular writer Päivi Kankaro
  • seasonal recipes
  • book reviews
  • Laine Favourites section.

Designers featured in this issue: Susan Chin, Susan Crawford, Sidsel Grau Petersen, Midori Hirose, Susanna Kaartinen, Inyoung Kim, Hanna Maciejewska, Mariya Matveeva, Paula Pereira, Maiju Räsänen and Griselda Zárate.

Pattern previews will go live on our website and on Ravelry on December 3.

Print only. No digital download code available.

Printed in Estonia.



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Laine No. 12 kommt am 10. September 2021 und ist ab heute bei uns in der PreOrder verfügbar.
Das Heft ist in englischer Sprache, hat 148 Seiten und beinhaltet:

13 wunderschön fotografierte und illustrierte Anleitungen folgender Designer:


  • Alma Bali
  • Olga Buraya-Kefelian
  • Luuanne Chau
  • Kristin Drysdale
  • Claudia Eisenkolb
  • Fabienne Gassmann
  • Tamy Gore
  • Dee Hardwicke
  • Claudia Quintanilla
  • Jeanette Sloan
  • Jutta Turunen.



Außerdem enthält das Magazin folgende Artikel:

  • ein Interview mit Judit Gummlich, uns allen bekannt als "Kuniberta"
  • einen Artikel über mYak
  • einen Artikel über die Parkano Spinning Mill in Finnland
  • einen Artikel von Päivi Kankaroarticle über die positiven Auswirkungen von Handarbeiten
  • die regelmäßige Kolumne von Jeanette Sloan
  • saisonale Rezepte
  • Buch-Rezensionen
  • von Laine empfohlene Artikel  


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Issue #11

Laine Summer 2021, Marjoram, includes:

  • 148 pages

  • 11 knitting patterns, beautifully photographed and illustrated

  • an interview with Diane Ivey of Lady Dye Yarns written by Jeanette Sloan

  • an article about the knitting app Knitrino

  • an article about Yarningham written by Jeanette Sloan

  • an article about knitting and cognitive resilience by our regular writer Päivi Kankaro

  • a column by our regular columnist Jeanette Sloan

  • seasonal recipes

  • book reviews

  • Laine Favourites section.

Designers featured in this issue: Stella Ackroyd, Christelle Bagea, George Cullen, Jonna Hietala, Gudrun Johnston, Marianne Munier, Paula Pereira, Eri Shimizu, Nataliya Sinelshchikova and Stephen West.

Publication day: 7 May, 2021.




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